The Cortexes

In order to respond to the many stimuli and sensory tidbits from the world around us, the brain's many cortexes spring into action to help (each specific cortex has a specific role depending on type of stimuli received). We act acoordingly with the newly processed information. All the cortexes are located near or in one of the lobes of the brain.

For starters, the MOTOR CORTEX is the cortex responsible for the planning and execution of voluntary movements. Like the ones you performed when you clicked on the link to this website.

Other examples of the motor cortex at work would be actions like you reaching your hand for a cup of water, eating food, or writing something down. It may have to register with the visual cortex first, but the motor cortex helps you interact and move your hands, legs, arms, and everything in between.

The motor cortex is located at the rear of the frontal lobe.

The VISUAL CORTEX handles visual input and is closely tied with the occipital lobes (the other visual stimuli processing system).

Fun Fact: Things you see with your right eye are shot to the left part of the brain to process, and things seen with the left eye, to the right part of the brain.

The AUDITORY CORTEX is tied with the temporal lobes in that it registers sound information.

The SENSORY CORTEX is a biggie because it's a master cortex (of sorts) that is responsible for nearly all sensory info (smell is not processed by the brain, rather, the olfactory system), and relaying information to other brain parts.

The sensory cortex is located in the parietal lobes.

Finally, the CEREBRAL CORTEX is super duper important because it is, in essence, what makes us, us. It is the wrinkly, outermost layer that surrounds the brain. It is responsible for higher thought processes including speech and decision making. In charge of getting information from all 5 senses. Over time, this part goes through corticalization, a process where the cerebral cortex gets more wrinkly as more information is stored in your brain. More wrinkles=more smarts.

Be grateful for this.