The 4 Lobes

The brain, upon further inspection, can be divided into 4 main regions that all fulfill different purposes and regulate body function.

First and foremost, there are the FRONTAL LOBES, responsible for inhibiting the limbic system, coordinating voluntary movements, comprehending abstract thought, and providing a voice of reason for our noggin, per se. They're located behind the forehead.

Next come the PARIETAL LOBES, located at the top of the head. They're responsible for processing information from touch, knowledge of numbers and their relations, and some areas of the parietals help with language processing. The parietal lobes also hold the primary somatosensory cortex which is accountable for, you guessed it, our senses.

a picture of a parietal lobe

The OCCIPITAL LOBES, found at the back of the cranium, have the primary function of handling visual input. Damage to these babies causes vision impairment, or worst case scenario, blindness. Plain and simple.

a picture of an occipital lobe

Last but not least are the TEMPORAL LOBES, found on the sides of the head. The temporal lobes are areas concerned with processing and understanding of speech through sensory information(sounds and talking picked up by the ears).

a picture of a temporal lobe